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Buildings are the most important region characteristics in Rival Regions. They have a great influence on player's life.

Military academy (MA)

This building has influence on region default attack damage: the higher its level the more damage will be assigned to the attacking side in Ground and Sea wars. Military academy also has influence on damage in wars. Every player can build MA in his region, but there are some limitations:

  • He should be located in his region of residency
  • His level should be higher than 40

Every player can build MA only once a day. MA level is counted as a sum of all contributions for the last 14 days. That allows to avoid endless accumulation.


Every building, except for MA is build by passing laws in parliament and spending money and resources from the budget. Every building type has its own price. Hospital level influence its region Health index. As you know, speed of Energy recovery depends on this index.

Military base

Military index depends on Military base level Your damage in wars depends on this index. As you know, every type of weapon has its α-damage, Military base, with other variables such as perks can increase this damage. You should see damage formula for more info.


This buildings determines Education index, which determines the speed of learning new perks.

Missile system

This building lowers damage in Ground and troopers wars in case if defending Missile system level is higher than that of an attacking side.

Only the difference of 300 points or less is taken into account, for example: attacking region has Missile system level 1000, defending region - level 1350. In this case decrease in damage of attacking side will be the same as if defending region Missile system level was only 1300.

You should see damage formula for more info.

Sea port

This building can be built only in regions with sea access. Just like Missile system, it can lower attacking side damage in Sea wars.

Power plant

This building provides independent regions or states with electricity, that is needed to power other buildings. You can see Power plant output info on state page. In case of shortage of power all buildings in the state/independent region will work with a penalty.

For example, if state buildings require 10.000 Megawatts but Power plant output is only 5.000 Megawatts all the buildings in this state will be performing at 50% of their level, excluding Military academy and Power plant.


This building determines the time needed to travel to/from the Moon.


Decreases (unlike Missile system) attacking side damage in Ground and Troopers wars in case of positive difference of Airport levels. Just like with Missile systems, only difference up to 300 points is taken into account. You should see damage formula for more info.

Airport building also speeds up travel process and lowers cost of delivery of weapons and items when donating them. Can be built only on Earth.

Refill station

Can be built only on the Moon. Just like Airport, speeds up travel process and lowers cost of delivery.

Housing fund

Determines Development Index of the region. Self-sufficient in terms of electricity and has no effect on initial defend damage and Index 11.

Private buildings (houses)

Every player can built his own private building. To build your house you should click + near building icon in your profile (under your avatar).

You can only have one house in the game. You can start building your house only in you residency region.

Top level of this buildings is limited to 99.

In case of losing in Ground war level of every house in this region decreases by 10%. In case of relocation it will lose 5%.

House level increases you storage capacity, lowers the time needed for new perks to be learned.

Cost of private houses

Up to level 10 you will need:

Level*1 G

Level*200.000.000 $

Level*10.000.000 Kg of ore

Level*10.000.000 Barr. of oil

Level*10 Pcs. of diamonds

From level 11 to 99 you will need:

Level*1 G

Level*600.000.000 $

40.000.000 Barr. of oil

40.000.000 Kg of ore

Level*50 Pcs. of diamonds

Initial defence damage

Buildings also determine damage points which will be assigned to the defending side at the start of the war, coup or revolution. Initial defence damage allows you to defend regions more effectively. This damage is proportional to the sum of real (with Power plant penalty, if there is one) levels of the following buildings:

(Hospital + 2*Military base + School + Sea port (if there is a sea access) + Missile system + Power plant + Spaceport + Airport (or Refill station on the Moon))*50000

Additional indexes

Additional Indexes 11 are allocated to top 5 regions with the highest sum of buildings levels (all, except for Housing fund and Military academy) on Earth and 1 on the Moon.