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Energy in Rival Regions is used for work and wars.

Energy can be restored by natural way, with the passage of time, or once every 10 minutes with Energy drinks.

Natural way of restoration

The more your region Health index is the faster your Energy restores.

Health index Energy Time between refills Total number of Energy per hour
1-5 7 E 10 min 42 E
6 8 E 10 min 48 E
7 9 E 10 min 54 E
8 10 E 10 min 60 E
9 11 E 10 min 66 E
10 12 E 10 min 72 E
11 16 E 10 min 96 E

Radioactive contamination

Radioactive contamination occurs in region when nuclear weapons are used in this or nearby regions. This greatly lowers the speed of natural Energy restoration. You can clear any region of contamination by navigation to the region page and using Antirad.

Notice: radioactive contamination of every region is a sum of its own contamination, caused by usage of nuclear weapons in this region, and an indirect, caused by usage of nuclear weapons in other nearby regions.

Map with radioactive contamination filter

Energy drinks

Besides natural way of energy restoration you can refill it by using Energy drinks, which you can create in Storage tab by spending gold. You can only use Energy drinks only once in 10 minutes. You will see a countdown after Energy refill.

Energy cost reduction

To lower your Energy costs in wars and work you should upgrade your Endurance perk. You can read about your perks here.

Every player can receive a Medal for war activity every hour and send troops to war at no Energy cost.

Red icon shows that you can now send troops in any war and you will not spend any Energy