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Minister is a player, that can pass several laws ahead of time by his own.

Any player can become a minister: this status is assigned by state leaders. You can not take minister office in two states at the same time.

Ministers receive a wage in Gold: 2 G for every developed region of the state and 1 G for every developing region. Ministers of Presidential republics get twice the amount.

Minister of economics

Minister of economics (title changes to economic advisor in case of dictatorship) can pass resources exploration and building laws ahead of time.

He can also put sanctions in place, prohibiting the sell of all resources, weapons and items from other states.

Foreign minister

Foreign minister, can pass several laws ahead of time, for example, he can close/open borders. He also can issue residencies and work permits.

There is no such office in case of dictatorship or one-party system.

Ministers lose their offices after every leader elections: they must be assigned again by the leader.