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Les Partis politiques sont un des aspects les plus importants de Rival Regions. Un parti permet d'obtenir des sièges au parlement afin de gouverner un Etat en proposant et votant pour des lois.

Création d'un parti

Il est possible de créer un nouveau parti en n'en appartenant à aucun.

La création du parti coûte 100 G.

Le fondateur du parti devient automatiquement son chef à la création du parti.

La région actuelle à la création du parti lui est assignée, et elle ne peut pas être modifiée par la suite, attention !

Party founder can change its title, ideology, tag, description and logo and appoint secretaries, who will be able to accept new players.


Primaries - in-party elections, which determine the list of players to take seats in Parliament.

In case of votes equality in the primaries this list is sorted, given the level of the player and the time of joining the party.

Primaries winner also receives the opportunity to join the fight for the post of state leader. Head of the party also has this opportunity.

Secretary wages

The head of the party and its secretaries can get wages in gold. This wages are proportional to the number of active (active not more than 24 hours ago and joined not less than 72 hours ago) party members who have reached level 60.

Wages are paid only in case there are 5 or more such players in the party.


The party leadership (head and secretaries) may invite non-party players: the invitation button located under the player's avatar on his profile page. There is also a list of non-party players (Overview -> New players -> Non-party). There you will also find a button that allows you to take advantage (once every 24 hours) of mass invitation: an invitation to your party will come to all the non-party.

A player who receives an invitation can join the party without approval from the leadership.

The player can apply to join the party on its page. In this case, his application will be considered by the party leadership.

The head of the party may also turn on automatic invitations: in this case, all the new players will receive them.


Players who joined a party 7 days ago or later can send each other weapons and resources, in addition to money.