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On Storage tab you can create, sell and buy weapons, resources and items. Leaders of states and economy ministers can also use state market, where they can buy resources for their state budget.



Oil is necessary to create the majority of items and weapons, construction and more. Can be obtained in factories.


Ore, just like oil is necessary to create the majority of items, weapons, and buildings. Also an be obtained in factories.


Uranium is a type of resources, that is needed for Antirad, Ballistic missiles, Moon tanks and Space stations production. Can be obtained in factories.


Diamonds are needed for Space rockets, Ballistic missiles, Heavy bombers, Battleships and Space stations production. Also can be obtained only in factories.

All the resources above are also used for buildings in regions. You can donate any number of them to the budget.

Liquid oxygen

Needed for the production of Space rockets, Moon tanks and Space stations. Obtained in factories. Extraction is only possible on Earth.


Needed for the production of Space stations. Obtained in factories. Extraction is only possible on the Moon.


Needed for the production of Laser drones. Obtained in factories. Extraction is only possible on the Mars.



Reduces the radioactive contamination of the region.

Energy drink

By using 1 Energy drink you can restore 1 point of Energy, without waiting for natural restoration. You can use Energy drinks once in 10 minutes. If you have 50 points of Energy out of 200 you will need to have not less than 150 Energy drinks in your storage to restore your Energy. You can't sell or by Energy drinks on the market. Created with gold.

LSS (Life support system)

These items are needed on Mars: withdrawal happens automatically every minute.

Space rockets

By using one Space rocket you can travel once to/from the Moon.


You need weapons to deal damage in wars.

Skirtingi karai reikalauja skirtingu ginklu.

Title Alpha-damage War type
Tanks 10 Ground wars
Fighter aircrafts 75 Ground wars
Ballistic missiles 900 Ground wars, excluding Coups
Heavy bombers 800 Ground wars
Battleships 2000 Sea wars
Laser drones 6000 Ground and sea wars
Moon tanks 2000 Moon wars
Space stations 5000 Space wars


You can buy and sell items, resources and weapons on the global market.

You should take a look at the market taxes of your region before you post your offer: you will not always get what the buyer of your offer paid, you can get 0 and all money will go to the budget. In case of you traveling to another region after posting an offer you offer's region will not be changed.

For example, you posted an offer in region A and then moved to region B.

After that in region А market taxes were raised to 100%.

If you won't edit your offer (price or volume) your offer's region will not be changed and if anyone buys it you will get 0.

There are limits for maximum and minimum size of your offer.

You can also open all offers and select any seller with a price not more than 110% of the lowest price.

There is a cooldown time for new offers: you can publish new offer of particular storage item once every 5 minutes.

Weapons and items creation

You can create items and weapons using your resources and money. Costs of creation are influenced by your Strength and Education perks.

Your Workshop House bonus also affects these costs of creation.

You will find cost price of your item there too, which will show you prime cost of your item with the lowest prices for resources currently on the market.

You shouldn't create weapons if you can buy them for cheaper price on the market.

Increasing storage space

Your storage space is limited. This limit depends on your level and endurance perk, STORAGE_SPACE=BASE_SPACE_FOR_ITEM*PLAYER_LEVEL*(1+ENDURANCE_PERK/100).

You can double your storage space with Premium account and additionally double it for 400 G a week.