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Artikel sind die Hauptinformationsquelle über das Rival Regions Leben.

Spieler können einen Artikel Posten, in mit dem Icon rechts übersetzen, ihn Bewerten und ein Kommentar da lassen.

Articles tab

Here you can find articles that are posted in newspapers by one of the journalists or on behalf of the author. You can post an article once every hour.


Ihr könnt eine Medaille für einen Guten Artikel bekommen.

Local rating

Every player has a language sector where his votes count as local votes for local rating (in addition to general rating). You can see best articles of particular language sorted by local rating. Local rating is used for defining language-specific daily best journalist medals winners (currently for 20 different languages).

Controversial articles

Here you can see a list of articles (not older than 3 days) sorted in the descending order by the value of MINIMUM(NUMBER OF "+", NUMBER OF "-"). So if an article has, for example, 50 "+" and 75 "-" the value of 50 will be taken for this rating. The idea is that an article with such a distribution of the votes is "polarising".

Journalisten Medaille wird täglich an den Autor des besten Artikels vergeben