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Any region of the state, besides its capital, can be declared an autonomy through passing the law.

After autonomy creation Minister of economics can set a part of obtained resources, that goes to the autonomy budget, when players work in the autonomy region.

Autonomies have their own parliament, elections and budget.

Political parties and players from autonomy also take part in the state parliament and its elections (if there is a parliament in the state form of government).

Autonomy parliament

Autonomy parliament is very similar to the state/independent region parliament.

Basically it can only pass bills in the economic sphere.

Big autonomies

By passing a law you can add another region to the existing autonomy and form a Big autonomy.

Region you want to add:

  • Must not be an autonomy.
  • Must not be a capital.
  • Must have a common border with an autonomy center or not be more than 500 km. away.
  • Maximum number of regions in Big autonomy: 5.

Governor of the Big autonomy can change its coats of arms and title.

Governor will automatically have his seat in the autonomy parliament.

Governors, just like leaders can use state market.


By passing the specific law any player with a residency in autonomy can be assigned as a governor and receive a wage in gold every day, just like Ministers and Leaders.

In Presidential/Parliamentary republics governors can pass building/exploration laws ahead of time.