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If you want to create a special private chat with other players you can start a conference or be invited in one.

Conference members

To invite your friends or members of your party you can click on "+" icon near the participant number. You can also invite players from their profile page.

If you want you can also copy a special link (near the conference title) - anyone can join your conference using this link.

All players can choose who can invite them in setups: you can turn off invitations all together, allow only your friends or anyone to invite you. You can not be invited by someone in your blacklist.

The maximum number of participants for one conference is 100.

Conference setups

As a head of the conference you can change its logo and title, kick and invite participants and grant them assistant status. You can also mute any participant or the whole conference (except for you and your assistants).

Assistants can kick, invite, mute any conference participant, except for the head of the conference and other assistants.

If the head of the conference assigned assistants he can leave his position: top level assistant will take over.

Conference can also be removed by the head of the conference.