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Perks - the main skills of the player. They affect a lot of the aspects of Rival Regions.

There are three perks: Strength, Education and Endurance. All players start with perks equal 30. Learning new perks takes time. To learn new perk you should choose one of two methods: you can either use gold and learn perks faster or spent your money and learn perks slower. You can learn only one perk at a time.


Affects your dealt damage in wars, for more information see damage formula.

Affects your work productivity, when working on public factories (and not player private factories).

Lowers your price when crafting weapons and items.


Increases the maximum working experience.

Affects your dealt damage in wars, but not as much as Strength, for more information see damage formula.

Also lowers crafting price.

Crafting bonus is calculated the following way: BONUS=POWER(STRENGTH_WITH_BOOSTER, 0.5)+POWER(EDUCATION_WITH_BOOSTER, 0.5). It is capped at 50%. You can also get additional crafting bonus from your house.

Education 100 allows you to work in the State Departments.


Up to a certain point it reduces the Energy spent at work (you need Endurance 50 to spend the least amount of Energy) and wars (your maximum alpha-damage will increase once your learn Endurance 50, 75 and 100). Note that your Level also has an effect on your maximum alpha-damage in wars.

Every new point of this perk increases your storage space by 1%.

Also affects your dealt damage in wars, for more information see damage formula.


Boosters allow you to increase any perk by 100 points for a limited time. You can only use it once in several days, so choose the right moment!

There are 2 types of boosters: one you can buy for money and other one only for gold. The latter lasts for 10 times longer. Booster price and point increase do not differ for any players, what differs is the booster time: the higher your perk is the less time your booster for this perk will last.

Boosters have no effect on your storage size and maximum work experience.

Learning time

Education index of your residency region and your Library bonus all affect your learning time.

For example, if in region with Education index 1 you will learn new perk in 98 minutes. In region with Index 10 - 80 minutes. Index 11 - 60 minutes.

On top of that you will get your Library bonus.

Formula looks something like this: