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Player profile – on this page you can see all the info about the player.

You can navigate to your profile by clicking on your avatar in the top left corner.

Here you will be able to change you name, avatar, political views and your nation.

You can view any other player's profile page by clicking on their names or avatars in articles, chat, etc.

Also from this page you can write a PM, assign him as a journalist in your newspaper, add him as a friend or donate money. Party members can also send resources, weapons or other items items, except for Energy drinks.

Profile page of a player

Player's info

On any profile page you will find:

  • Avatar, name and nation of the player
  • His medals
  • Experience, level, his place in rating, perks, and working experience
  • All his wars
  • List of all his articles and karma (sum of every article rating)
  • His region, region of residency, the presence of the positions leader title, minister title or governor title
  • His political Party and political party history, where you can find out in which political parties this player was
  • Registration date and date of last activity
  • List of donated resources in budgets
  • Perks % of the house system (gym, library)