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Quests - our guide for all new players to get them ready to the new world.

There are some quests to be done in order to understand the game mechanics. If you do the tasks, you will earn some golds. There are two types of quests:

  • Permanent, and
  • Temporary ones.

Permanent Tasks

  • Military Academy Building Task: In this task, you are expected to build a military academy for every 24 hours. Task will refresh itself at 09:00 PM every day. After finishing the task, you will be awarded with 20 Gold and 500 Energy Drinks. Before building the Military Academy, make sure that you have got the residency from the region where you will the academy in.
  • Working Class Hero Task: In this task, you are expected to work nonstop for 5 days. In every 24 hours, any Energy Drink spending in any factory is enough to be worked. After 5 days, you will be awarded with 4000 Energy Drinks.
  • Work in Departments Task: In this task, you can work in a state's departments. It will develop the state but after working in departments, you will not be awarded. This is an unrequited task. You are allowed to work in departments for once in a day. Then, you will be allowed to work again at 09:00 PM.

Temporary Tasks

  • Visit Region Task: In this task, you will be a given a random region to fly. If you achieve the quest, you will be awarded with 100 Gold. Do not forget, if you are given a remote region, you need to ask for work permit or residency to fly there.

Location of the Quests in the Game

  • The quests are shown here.