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Region - the smallest administrative unit in the game. Region can be a part of the autonomy, state or be independent. Regions are located in 3 locations: Earth, Moon and Antarctica. Rival Regions currently contains hundreds of regions.

Your region and information about its population is displayed on the Overview tab.

Maps are available in the Maps tab. By default you will see the map of your region location. Switching between locations and applying filters, such as resources or population, can be done by using a drop down menu to the right. There you can also navigate to history of Rival Regions and look at the map at any time you want.

Region page

  • Number of citizens - number of players, currently living in this region.
  • Residents - number of players with residency in this region.
  • Number of political parties.
  • Number of private factories.
  • Initial attack damage - initial damage in wars where this region is on the attacking side (450000 * Military academy).
  • Initial defend damage - initial damage in wars where this region is on the defending side (50000 * (Sum of all buildings except House fund) + 450000 * Military academy).
  • Total wars - number of all wars in this region.
  • Pollution - radioactive pollution of this region.
  • Tax rate.
  • Market taxes.
  • Factory output taxes - taxes for different types of private factories.
  • Sea access.
  • Gold resources.
  • Oil resources.
  • Ore resources.
  • Uranium resources.
  • Diamonds resources - all types of resources. First number shows current level of resources in this region, second - maximum for this region, which can be achieved by issuing resources exploration laws.
  • Health index.
  • Military index.
  • Education index.
  • Development index - indexes, all of them have high influence on lives of people, living in this region.
  • Residency for work - shows if this region allows working without residency.
  • Parliament - time of parliament creation (if this region or state has it formed).
  • Autonomy parliament - time of autonomy parliament creation (if this region is an autonomy and it has a parliament formed).
  • Last revolution - time of the last revolution in this region.
  • Last coup - time of the last coup in this region.
  • Borders with - list of regions with a common land border.
  • Top rating - region place in buildings rating.

Under region coats of arms you will see different buttons: you can donate to regions budget (if this is an independent region), travel to this region, request a residency or work permit. You can also see buildings of this region and links to real map and game map location.

Independent region

Region with its own parliament, not a part of any state. To gain independence you should start a revolution or coup and win it (Wars tab). The region also can get independence through the state parliament.

Independent region can form a state, containing one region through its own parliament. State also will be formed when this region will win in war against another region.


Region, part of state but also with its own parliament and budget.


A state can also assign governors to its autonomies. Governors have a wage in gold and can use state market to buy resources for their autonomies.

Autonomy can be formed out of any region, except for state capital.


An independent region in space. The only region where Rivalium is mined.