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Resources can be obtained by players on factories (Work tab). You can find all your resources in your Storage. Resources that belong to the State are stored in its budget. Private factories also have resource storage. Proportions in which a number of resources is divided between you, your factory budget and your state budget are regulated by laws.

You need resources to create weapons and items and region buildings. Resources are used to keep state borders closed (if such law was passed) and for a number of other laws.

Types of resources

Ore and oil

Are used in a number of weapons and items, can be obtained on private and regional factories.


Is used for radioactive weaponry, such as Ballistic missiles. Also is needed for Moon tanks, Space stations and Antirad, which is used to clear the radioactive pollution in regions. Uranium is used for Power plants and Spaceports. Can be obtained only on private factories.


Diamonds are used for creating Ballistic missiles, Heavy bombers and Battleships. Also are used for Airports, Missile system, Sea ports, Power plants and Spaceports. Can be obtained only on private factories.

Liquid oxygen

Is used for creating Space rockets, that you need to travel to the Moon and back. Also for weapons, such as Moon tanks and Space stations. Can be obtained only on private factories on Earth. There is no reserves for this resource, as there are for other types. Productivity depends on Power plant level.


Is needed for Space stations, which is the only type of weapon in Space wars. Can be obtained only on private factories on the Moon. There is also no reserves for this resource. Productivity depends on Power plant level.


Gold is very important, as it is used for creating Energy drinks, that you need if you want to restore you Energy faster. You also need gold for a lot of actions, such as name change, avatar change, creating and upgrading your private factory and so on. Gold can be obtained on private and regional factories.

Resources reserves


Maximum resources reserves influence productivity and differ from one region to another:

Oil in Antarctica: 389 Palmer
Oil not in Antarctica: 390 Tehran
Ore on the Moon: 461 Moon region 19
Ore on Earth: 374 Magadan Oblast
Uranium on the Moon: 20 Moon region 6 (and 4 more regions on the Moon)
Uranium on Earth: 26 Samarkand and Bukhara (also Tehran and Lagos)
Diamonds on the Moon: 33 Moon region 4 (and 6 more regions on the Moon)
Diamonds on Earth: 28 Houston (also Doha and Munich)
Gold on the Moon: 414 Moon region 15
Gold on Earth: 670 Grasberg

You can navigate to Maps and select a special filter for every type of resources, using a switch in top right corner:

Resources filter


While obtaining resources workers lower region reserves of it. When this reserves reach 0 you can no longer be productive. To explore new resources you need to pass a special kind of law. You can see current resources reserves and its maximum number on region page.

Deep exploration

You can also increase maximum resources reserves by issuing the law about Deep exploration. After such law passes your region maximum resource reserves (for a specific type) will be increased for the next 7 days. You can only increase maximum resources reserves up to 95 % of top value in your location (either the Moon or Earth). You can only have one active deep exploration (for example, only for gold, but not for gold and ore at the same time).