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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

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Rival Regions has several moderators to look after chat and articles. You can see all the actions of moderators here: moderator identity is hidden, if you don't agree with any action - visit our support site and create new ticket about it.


The following is forbidden:

  1. Profanity in chat, comments and articles, including veiled recognisable profanity
  2. CAPS (less than 50% of your message being written in CAPS is permitted), flood, spam
  3. Insulting other players, parties and nations
  4. Promotion and demonstration of Nazi, Fascist paraphernalia or symbols, incitement to ethnic hatred
  5. Advertising. With the exception of the game related ads (you can advertise your State, political party, factory, but not more than once in 30 minutes)
  6. Discussion of similar game projects, you may, however, discuss any other games, not related or similar to RR
  7. Posting images, videos or links containing: profanity, insults, threats, slander, sexually explicit images or videos, advertising. As well as posting photos, or any other personal, private information of any players without their consent
  8. Posting agitation from the real world politics, excluding roleplay of real life political parties. Creating a party with a title and an avatar of a real party is allowed, direct agitation to vote for one in real life (in chat or in articles) is not.
  9. Inducing other players to commit unlawful acts (IRL or game-related)
  10. Posting of links leading to suspicious websites, pirated content, malware, NSFW-content
  11. Discussion of the actions of moderators/administration in chat rooms. Discussion of the actions of moderators (unjustified ban, for example) in the articles and comments under these articles is allowed
  12. Slander, disinformation, and directed repulsion of new players
  13. Asking for money
  14. Direct and unjustified slander of the administration and moderators
  15. Using incorrect (foreign) language in global language-specific chat rooms
  16. Using incorrect (foreign) language for an article


If your article for some reason got banned, you can edit or remove it and request to get unbanned. You can request unban of the ability to post future articles from New article page.

Game ban

Using more than 2 accounts in any way by one person is forbidden and can result in permanent ban.

Using Rival Regions articles/chat/pm for selling accounts/money can result in permanent ban.

Fraud / In-game goods sale

You may get some tempting offers of buying Money, Gold or Regions for RR or Real world money. Most likely you will be deceived by scammers. Be careful, Administration of RR does not offer any kind of protection with these kinds of deals! Users, who offer Money, Accounts, Gold or Regions will be banned.

Any offers to sell Account, Money, Gold, Premium or other goods will be punished with a permanent ban.