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State is the largest administrative unit in Rival Regions. State consists of regions (or only one region), which can form an Autonomy inside the state.

You can find a list of every State in the game on Home tab.

State creation

To form a state you should pass an appropriate law in parliament or to capture another region.

You will find new laws available in parliament after your region becomes a state: you will be able to change its title and coats of arms. Leader elections will also start, the winner will be able to change state color on the map, create/join political blocs and more.

Valstybių žemelapis

State parameters

You can see the title of the state on its page. Clicking the title will navigate you to the summary data table about its regions.

To the left you will find state logo, donation buttons, work permit request button and state budget.

Visa valstybės informacija pateikta dešinėje:

Former states

State can lose this status after losing its last region.

Former states stay in Rival Regions history forever: you can navigate to History page (icon at the top right corner) via Maps tab.

You can choose any moment in time since the beginning of the game.

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