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On Work tab you can obtain resources and earn money or gold.

At work, just like in wars, you're spending your Energy.

You can reduce your Energy costs by learning Endurance perk: you will spend minimum Energy once you reach 100 Endurance perk.

Work experience

Work experience, which increases every time you work, has a great influence on your productivity. Work experience is counted separately for each speciality but you can transfer experience from one to another.

There is a limit for work experience: 80000 + 200*Education for each speciality.

Private factories

Private factories (if region taxes allow) earn a lot of resources and money for factory owner.

Factory owner can set your salary as a fixed sum of money or as a part of resources you obtained.

Auto mode

Every player that has a Premium account can use Auto mode on every type of private factory.

Auto mode will automatically use Energy drinks to refill your Energy.

If current resource reserves are 0 Auto mode will be automatically paused.

Auto mode will be turned off when you run out of Energy drinks or after 24 hours.

Factory types

Gold mine

Mines gold for the region budget. Allows player to earn gold and money. Also allows Gold mine owner to get a daily wage in Gold, according to his part in daily obtained volume of gold (for example, if your factory obtains 1% of all the gold obtained in RR on this day you will get 500 Gold).

Oil field

Obtains oil for the region budget. Allows player to earn money and obtain oil.

Ore quarry

Obtains ore for the region budget. Allows player to earn money and obtain ore.

Uranium quarry

Obtains uranium.

Diamond mine

Obtains diamonds.

Liquefaction plant

Obtains Liquid oxygen.

Helium-3 lab

Obtains Helium 3.

Rivalium mine

Obtains Rivalium, only available on Mars.

Factory level

Factory owner can upgrade its level as factory experience increases: factory experience equals twice the sum of Energy that was spent by this factory workers. Factory level has a great influence on factory productivity.

Factory relocation

Factory owner can move his factory to his region of residency at any time. You can't move factory from Moon region to Earth region and vice versa.

Factory shutdown

In case of factory shutdown the owner gets back 75% of his gold and resources that he spent on it. You can only close your factory after you fired every worker.

Factory auctions

Besides shutdown you can apply your factory for an auction: you can see all applications from Auctions page. There are several factories on auction a day. Only these factories, the top level out of all applications, is up for the sale. Only factories with level 100 and higher can take part in the auction. Once bought at an auction factory can be sold again only on another auction in 100 days.

Bids are made in gold. Auction lasts 24 hours and currently starts at 18:00:00 GMT.

Former factory owner can not make bids for his factory.

Starting price equals shutdown compensation in gold and is set by Administration. In case no other bids are made factory will be bought by Administration.

Resource influence

You can see in the upper part of the Work page there are reserves of resources in your region: if this reserve equals 0 your productivity also will be 0. Maximum resources reserves in your region (you can see them on region page) also have influence on your productivity. This resources can be upgraded by passing Deep resources reserves exploration laws.

You will find more elaborate formulas here.