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Private factories are created by players themselves. Profits go to worker, factory owner and budget.

Gold mine - obtains gold for the budget, gold and rubles for the worker.

Oil field - obtains oil.

Ore quarry - obtains ore.

Uranium quarry - obtains uranium.

Diamond mine - obtains diamonds.

Liquefaction plant - obtains Liquid oxygen, which you need to create Space rockets и Moon tanks.

Helium-3 lab - obtains Helium-3, needed for Space stations.

Diamonds and uranium are very important - these resources, just as like oil, ore and gold are needed for producing weapons and items, buildings and other laws.

Private factories have a limited number of workers. Workers can be paid in a firm wage with money or by specifying obtained part in percents. For example your wage can be 75%, that means you, as a worker will get 75% of what you obtained (after taxes to the budget) and factory owner will get 25%.

Private factory level

Factory owner can upgrade its level. Every factory have experience parameter, which increases every time someone works on the factory. As this factory experience grows factory owner can spend gold and upgrade his factory level.

Factory level has influence on productivity, factory storage size and maximum number of workers.