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You can travel from one region to another by using a button on the region page or by clicking the region in Maps tab.

Travel fee

In case of opened borders the special fee can be set.

Travel fee is not charged if the traveling player has a work permit or a residency.

Travel fee is not charged if the player travels from the region with a migration agreement.

Travel fee formula

Fee = (Pow (Player level), 1.4 ) * Basic Fee

Travel methods

Traveling from one region of the Earth to another.

Traveling from one region of the Moon to another.

Traveling from any region on Earth to the region on the Moon. You will need to have 1 Space rocket in your storage.

Traveling from the Moon region to Mars. You will need more than one rocket. Can only be done from several moon regions with best Spaceport building level.

Airport bonus

Airport building affects your travel speed on Earth: you will travel up to 50% faster between regions with top Airport level. While traveling you will automatically use the fastest route, using (if necessary) one transit region to increase travel speed.

For example: you want to travel from region A (Airport 1000) to region B (Airport 50), located far away from region A. Let us assume that Airport 1000 is the highest in the game. Airport bonus in this case will not be 50%, it will only be 2.5%, because of Airport level 50 of region B: the smallest of the two is considered. But there is a region C near region B and region C has Airport with level 500. Obviously, there is a possibility of traveling from region A to region B using region C as a transfer.